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Get Patients Plus "Expert Interview Series" positions medical practices & practitioners as the go-to authorities in their markets.  By leveraging the latest in online technology we are able to position you as the authority in your market and make you stand out in the search engines.  This potent combination not only builds trust but provides passive lead generation for years to come.

Our expert interviews are short, bite-sized segments designed to provide the viewer with valuable insight and aid them in the decision making process when it comes to various procedures.   Additionally, these interviews educate the consumer on who you are, what makes you qualified and what to expect when they seek out a consultation with you.  These elements together establish the initial base of trust needed to get that potential patient to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation.  We call this leading with a giving hand.  By providing candid advice to potential patients you are showing them you have their best interests at heart.  This trust based approach will work to get you raving fans and tons of supporters.

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Some will say, "I've paid thousands of dollars on a website which has all my information, if a patient needs to they can just call for a consultation."  Sure it's important to have an attractive website showing who you are and what you do…but can a website truly convey passion and develop trust?  Simply put, it's nothing like actually seeing & hearing a person talk.

When a potential patient watches your interview online they will get to SEE & HEAR YOU providing valuable advice to help them make a huge "life decision".  With our interview format the patient is given the opportunity to experience the passion you have for your field of practice and the care you would have for them.  By expressing your passion and caring you will instill trust in the eyes of the viewer, and that trust is truly priceless. So to recap…

Benefits of an Expert Interview:

1. AUTHORITY:  By candidly sharing industry knowledge and  insight potential patients will view you as the industry leader and seek you out for their needs.

2. PASSION: The best way to convey passion is in the spoken word.  When web searchers view your interview online they will get a chance to see, hear & feel the passion you have for your work.  Passion is contagious, when you show it people will seek you out.

3. TRUST:  When you couple authority with passion you get trust.  People buy from people they trust.  When they see it in your eyes and hear it in your words the sale just becomes a formality. Trust will make or break any practice.

As you can see, when you combine those 3 powerful ingredients and couple it with leading edge online technology you will drive patients into your practice.  Whether you are a plastic surgeon helping new mothers regain the body they once had or a cosmetic dentist giving the gift of a beautiful smile , if a potential patient does not respect and trust you then you will struggle to keep your practice full.

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